Introducing Coaches Carey, Barbour, and Jacobus

September 2009

Compiled by:
Joseph Cordova '12 and Brian Leung '10
Staff Writer and Layout Editor

A new year, a new newspaper, and faces - along with those new faces are new teachers and coaches, one of whom was kind enough to answer some questions. Meet Mr. Mike Carey, the new Women’s Varsity Basketball Coach. Mr. Carey has been with us before, but now he’s returned this year to coach the Women’s Basketball team, again! It’s great to have new faces besides the freshmen. So we asked Coach Mike about some of the questions and these were his responses.

1. Have you ever taught at another High School?
Coach Mike: “I coached varsity basketball at Mercy SF from 1989-1999”

2. What Brought you to SHCP? Why?
Coach Mike: “I started coaching JV’s at SHCP in 1997. I had known Coach Harrigan since high school and was looking to get back into coaching again. Also my son had just started as a freshman that year”

3. What do you think of SHCP’s current basketball team? (The one that you are coaching...or will be coaching)
Coach Mike: “I’m really looking forward to this years team. We have a couple of returning players to go with others from the lower levels. Our Frosh won the league title last year so we have a strong nucleus.”

4. If you could change one thing about SHCP what would it be?
Coach Mike: “On campus fields for baseball,track,soccer & football.”

5. What do you do on your free time?
Coach Mike: “In my spare time I like to spend with family. Go for walks,watch sports, read.”

Welcome back to SHCP Coach Carey!

Coach Darrell Barbour is a returning Men’s Varsity Basketball coach and freshmen PE instructor. This semester will be his second semester teaching PE. Coach Barbour likes teaching PE, in addition to his coaching activities. “I enjoy the chance to interact with students with whom I normally don’t get a chance to meet, particularly the freshmen.”

Mr. James Jacobus, is returning to his second semester as a SHCP instructor. Starting last Spring, Mr. Jacobus assumed his position as a Freshmen Health instructor, alongside his previous coaching duties as the Assistant Women’s Varsity Volleyball Coach and the Head men’s JV Volleyball Coach. During the summer, Mr. Jacobus also began work as his position in the development office with the Data Team. He thoroughly enjoys teaching health at SHCP, both for the subject’s importance, and the freshmen’s ability to “connect the dots” between the varied topics of Health. Mr. Jacobus recently left his job as an architect to be a teacher at SHCP. Why? Because “through coaching I [Mr. Jacobus] got to know SHCP and it became quickly apparent that this was a community I wanted to become more involved with.

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